Windermere North Garage Sale 2017

Windermere North will be holding our annual (5th) Community Garage Sales on Thursday June 1st, Friday June 2nd and Saturday June 3rd. The official hours are daily from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM for the three days. Each location will operate their own sale from their own home and participants can schedule their own hours for being opened. In the past Thursday mornings were the busiest as flee market owners want the first pick.

Holding a Community Garage Sale tends to generate more buyers than a single location sale. All residents in Windermere North are encouraged to participate. Road signage into the neighbourhood will be set up and a map of all locations participating will be available, so that anyone hosting a sale can pass on additional sale locations to the shoppers. The plan is to advertise the community garage sales in the Edmonton Journal, on our Windermere North web site (, on facebook, and on kijiji.

For those interested in operating a Garage Sale please contact Leona at (780) 438-1285 or e-mail at

In previous years many residents have participated and sales have been successful. If you have any comments or wish to volunteer for this or future community events, please contact Leona.

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